Send Form
The Send form setting contains firstly Enable Contact Form radio button that will enable integration with your Contact forms.
Contact Form 7 plugin should be installed before enabling the Contact Form option in Send Form settings. To download the Contact Form 7 plugin go here: Download Contact Form
After enabling the integration of the Contact form 7 Plugin, the other options of this section will be different from your choice of form. The first option includes all your forms built-in Contact form 7 plugin with the Default form of Cost Calculator plugin. You can use either the default form or your own Contact forms.

Default Form of Cost Calculator Plugin

When you choose the Default form of this plugin, you should fill the following attributes:
  • Select form - Contact form selection
  • Button Text - Text of Submit button shown in your form
  • Select payment gateways - Select the payment gateways that will be displayed after form submission.
Let's see the example below with the explanation:
The visitors will first calculate the price of service or product and when they click Submit, and then the Send Form will appear after clicking the submit button. The result will be sent to the email you set in the Type Email field.
Press the submit button, you will see the contact form for sending your message.
Let's fill the name, email, phone, message sections:
After that, you will see the confirmed success message about sending data:
Let's check how this message will be sent to the client and to the admin of the website.
The result of the message sent to the admin of the website:
The result of the message sent to the client:

Contact Form 7 Plugin

When you choose one of your Contact forms created in the Contact Form 7 plugin, you will see the generated text as ready email content. This text will be sent to the email that you set up in your chosen Contact Form 7 plugin.
Here is the example of Contact form 1 which is created in the Contact Form 7 plugin.
Now, let's see how it will appear in the calculator form after clicking the Submit button
Please make sure that your form contains the [textarea] field since the calculated data will be included in that field.
The result of the message of the Contact Form 7 Plugin sent to the admin of the website:

Troubleshooting Email Send & Receive Issues

Sometimes, there will be an issue in sending an email process which we will discuss below:
In case, you filled all the fields of the form correctly after clicking the submit button and you set up Send Form Settings properly, but you did not get the confirmed success message about sending data. In this situation, you should address your hosting since wp_mail() was not working on the server.
In the next probable situation, you will get the confirmed success message about sending data but you will not see that email in your mailbox. This means that your plugin sending option is working correctly. However, it is because your email is sent to the spam messages block. To resolve this issue, please address your personal email service (Gmail, Windows Outlook and etc.) spam folders. If you cannot find that message in your spam folder, please check the spam settings of your Email Server. If it does not help too, you can refer to the Support Team of your Web Hosting.

Payment Methods After Submit

After your message has been successfully sent, you will receive a message about it
Then right under this message Payment methods menu will appear to make a payment. You can choose your preferred type of payment and proceed with the payment process
If you choose to pay with PayPal or WooCommerce, you will be redirected to the corresponding pages. Please check how to set up the respective tabs like Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce. Only set up payment method will be shown in the dropdown menu.
As an example, let's see how to make a payment with Stripe. When you choose Credit Card option, there will appear blank spaces for your Credit Card details
Fill in these blank spaces with your Credit Card details
After you click the Purchase button, you will receive a confirming message that your payment has been received: