Contact Form 7 Plugin

The Cost Calculator plugin is integrated with the Contact 7 plugin, and it is possible to use the custom contact form instead of the default one.

The Contact Form 7 plugin should be installed before enabling the Contact Form option in Send Form settings. To download the Contact Form 7 plugin go here: Download Contact Form

Creating a custom Contact form

To create a form, open Contact > Contact Forms on your WordPress dashboard. You can manage multiple forms from this location.

A contact form is already available for immediate use. Right next to the name Contact form 1, you can see the shortcode [contact-form-7 id="16" title="Contact form 1"]. By editing the contact form you can customize the contact form field.

While editing the contact form, the tabs on top of the text area offer some useful tags for composing/customizing the email. The text area already has a basic collection of tags. However, you can insert any element by inserting the proper tag.


Please make sure that your form contains the [textarea] field since the calculated data will be included in that field. The [textarea] field is used to display the total summary generated by the Cost Calculator plugin. Without this field, the administrator and customers may receive empty emails.

After creating Contact form fields it is required to set up the Mail template. To do this switch to the Mial tab and fill out the fileds:

At this point, most of the customization for the form is complete. You can use this form in the Calculator settings.

More details regarding contact form settings can be found in the Contact 7 documentation.

Choosing the Contact 7 form in the Calculator settings

After enabling the integration of the Contact form 7 Plugin, the other options in this section will be different from your choice of form. The first option includes all your forms with the built-in Contact form 7 plugin with the Default form of the Cost Calculator plugin. You can use either the default form or your own Contact forms Contact Form 7 Plugin

When you choose one of your Contact forms created in the Contact Form 7 plugin, you will see the generated text as ready email content. This text will be sent to the email that you set up in your chosen Contact Form 7 plugin.

Contact Form Content

Contact Form Content displays the custom text and totals summary while submitting the form.

Contact Form Content will be displayed in the [textarea] field, and if you have custom text in Contact form 7, it will be overwritten.

The Total summary and Grand total are displayed using the following shortcodes:

[ccb-subtotal] - Displays the value of the fileds that are used in the Cost calculator.

[ccb-total-0] - Display grand total which is calculated in Formula fields. If the Calculator includes several Formula fileds as in the following example, the shortcode number should be changed according to the order of the formula elements:

Our sample we have three Formula elements: [total_filed_id_5], [total_filed_id_6], [total_filed_id_7], so we replace the shortcode with the order number of the formula elements:

[total_filed_id_5] is [ccb-total-0]

[total_filed_id_6] is [ccb-total-1]

[total_filed_id_7] is [ccb-total-2]

In our calculator [total_filed_id_7] summarizes all calculations and default shortcode [ccb-total-0] should be replaced with [ccb-total-2] to send Grand Total:

Here is the example of Contact form 1 which is created in the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Now, let's see how it will appear in the calculator form after clicking the Submit button

The result of the message of the Contact Form 7 Plugin sent to the admin of the website:

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