The integration of Stripe is the next feature of the Cost Calculator Builder Pro.
To use this feature, go to Calculator Settings > Stripe and enable the radio button. In the Stripe option fields, you should insert Stripe publish as well as Stripe secret keys that can be taken from the stripe official website.
You can create a Stripe account on the Stripe official website.
In order to obtain the keys, you need to log in to the Stripe website. After login in your profile, you can see the necessary keys from your Dashboard > Home
To get the test key, follow Dashboard > Get your test API keys, and to get the live keys, go to Dashboard > Get your live API keys.
Next, copy your Publish and Secret Keys and paste them to the required fields:
The Stripe can be configured and settings can be applied globally through Dashboard > Settings > Stripe:
When the Stripe is configured globally through settings and "Apply for all calculators" is enabled the settings will be applied for all created calculators, and there will be a notice when you edit the settings individually.
To use the Stripe payment gateway with your calculator forms, please make sure that your WooCommerce and PayPal integrations are disabled from Calculator Settings.
Click "Save" to save your settings.