Single Listing

There is a custom post type to describe listings your company offer via any element visual composer offers you:
For each listing you can specify description, standard Singe Car Page Options and customizable Car Options.
For the Description we use standard Content area with Visual Composer, where you can insert any shortcode you would like to display.
All car options are available under Car Manager settings:
Details: Here you can set up Static car options and see their position via Preview link.
Options: You can set and add Listing Categories under this tab.
Features: Additional features for Single Car and Compare pages.
Prices: All Price options can be set up here.
Specials: Special car for the special offers carousel module and Featured Listing on Classified layout can be set up under this tab.
Images & Videos: Here possible to set additional images and videos for the Listing.
Here You can see the difference between VC and Classic Editor: