User Options

Default User Sidebar

Define which sidebar to display on the User's Public profile page:

User Sidebar Position

Here you can indicate on which side of the page to display the sidebar: Left of Right.

User Slots Limit

On the User Slos Limit field, you can indicate the amount of listing that allowed to freely add to the users. Upon the end of the limit, users will need to purchase subscription plans to further adding listings.

User Slot Images Upload Limit

Here you can specify limits on the number of uploading images per listing.

Enable User Ads Moderation

Turn on the User Ads Moderation option if you wish to regulate the added listings by users.
If the option is enabled, the admin will need to approve the added listings. The listing can be approved by clicking the publish button:
The listing, that is waiting to be approved, will be displayed like this on the user account page:
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