Footer Setup

The Footer section of the theme consists of widgets. You can find the footer settings in the Theme Options > Footer.

Footer Style Options

There are 5 most often used footer styles in the theme:

Light LMS

Classic LMS

Distance Learning

Udemy Affiliate

Offline Courses

Every demo layout comes with the specific footer style and the footer will be set automatically when the demo import completed.

Footer Components

There are three components that can be used to create a website footer: Footer, Footer Bottom, and Copyright

Most of the time the First Footer section is disabled, this can be enabled and used for footer section extending.

Footer Bottom

Let's view a Light LMS Footer as an example.

The Footer Bottom settings are set as follows

The most often used widgets are STM Text, Contact, STM Pages, STM Recent Posts, STM LMS Popular Courses, Image

There are 4 widgets are being used in Light LMS footer: STM Text, Contact, STM Pages, STM Recent Posts. The widgets can be found under Appearance > Widgets > Footer Bottom

STM Text

This widget is used for the About section of the footer, the input field allows to add HTML code.

If Add Socials Widget checked, the Social Media icons will appear under text.


There are two styles available

Style 1

Style 2

In the Light LMS Footer, the Style 2 Contact is being used.

STM Pages

There are also 2 styles available for this widget, the Light Footer is using Style 2

Style 1

Style 2

STM Recent Posts

There are two styles available for STM Recent Posts widget and the Light LMS Footer comes with Style 2 by default

Style 1

Style 2

If just 3 settings of the footer bottom will be changed: Footer Bottom Background Color, Font Size, and Footer bottom uppercase title is enabled, we will have the exact same footer that Private Instructor demo has

The settings of the Copyright section of the footer can be found under Theme Options > Footer > Copyright. To make those settings appear you need to enable Footer Copyright Section:

Here, the colors of the Background, Text, and Copyright Border can be changed. There is also a setting for the footer logo for copyright section and if it is enabled the section for image upload appears

The text for the copyright section should be input in Footer Copyright input field.

As can be noticed the Footer Copyright section allow to use HTML code, so if it is necessary to have a link in the copyright text the <a> tag can be applied

Besides Logo and Copyright text, it is possible to show the footer menu in this section and social media icons

Social Media icons

To make social media icons appear, please just select the Social Media you want to display in the Copyright section under Theme Options > Footer > Copyright

If the Social media widget added under STM text widget, these icons will appear below STM Text widget section in the footer area and will not appear in the Copyright section.

The social media icons won’t appear in the Copyright section if the Socials widget is being used in the Footer or Footer Bottom widget area

Footer Menu

To add Footer Menu, go to Appearance > Menus create a menu for footer section and set Display location as Secondary menu in the footer

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