Theme Activation
Once you have installed MasterStudy, you have to activate the theme through our support portal.
The theme activation is required to unlock demo import, premium and core plugins installation.

Navigate to MasterStudy section in your WordPress admin menu to open the theme dashboard. Then click Activate via Envato.

The Activate via Envato button redirects you to the StylemixThemes Support official website, where you will be asked to login/register.
Simple click the Login with Envato button to automatically verify your theme license.

If you have signed in via Login with Envato, all the available Purchase codes related to the MasterStudy will be listed on the My Purchases Codes section.
Just activate your website by selecting one of the displayed Purchase codes and your website link will be included in one of the available slots.
The Activate button with the gray background means that this Purchase code was already used on two websites, and it can not be used again. On the Used domains section, you can see which domains the Purchase code was activated.

You can add new purchase codes using the Add New form on the My Purchase codes page.
Here, on the Add new area, enter the theme's Purchase Code and click the Add button.
Once you hit the Add button, the Purchase code will appear on the My Purchase codes section. Now you can activate the theme on your website with that purchase code.

After clicking the Activate button on the My Purchase codes page, you will be redirected to the MasterStudy Dashboard area.
Congratulations! You have just activated the MasterStudy theme on your website. Now you can import your wished demo layout.
For detailed info on importing the demo layout visit the Import the Demo Content page below:
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