Footer section includes the settings that will help you to set up such parts of your site as Footer, Footer Bottom, Copyright.

Here you can enable the footer widgets area. Go to Appearance > Widgets and add required widgets to the Footer Top.

You can disable parallax style by clicking Off in this option. By default, parallax scrolling is enabled.

The outcome in disabled parallax scrolling:

You can change the background color of the footer section.

You can choose the number of columns to display in the footer.

Enable Footer bottom widgets area to activate the display of the footer bottom on the page.

Options include:

  • Footer Bottom Background Color - change the background color;

  • Footer Bottom Title Typography - set the font style, size and color;

  • Footer bottom uppercase title - enable the uppercase title;

  • Footer Bottom text color - change the color of text;

  • Footer Bottom Columns - choose the number of columns (from 1 to 4);

  • Footer Bottom Socials - select the number of columns for socials.

In the Copyright settings, there is an option to enable/disable Copyright section, set Copyright Background color, Copyright Text color, Copyright Border Color, enable/disable Logo, Input field for Copyright text

More information about the Footer Section and Footer Widgets you can find on Footer Setup

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