How to edit the registration form?

In the Profile form customization section, you can add fields for the Edit Profile section and Sign Up form. All the information entered from the Sign-Up form will appear and can be edited on the Edit Profile form.

In the Profile form, there are four default fields that are required. These are the Name, Surname, Position, and Bio fields. They can not be removed.

The Position field displays on the Instructors profile.

On the Profile form customization, to the settings of each element will be added additional options like Show on Registration form and Show in public profile.

  • Show on Registration form - adds these fields to the Registration form.

  • Show in public profile - displays the inserted info in the field on the user's Public Profile.

Now let's start to build the form. Add your needed elements to the form section. For example demonstration, we will add the Phone, Drop Down, Text Area and Radio Button elements.

For such elements as Radio Button, Drop Down, and Checkbox elements, the Choices option will appear where you can add the selection:

Fill the fields of the added elements. Save the settings, and let's see the result:

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