System Requirements

Since we develop only premium themes to meet the high standards and expectations of our customers, our MasterStudy theme is a bit more demanding on the resources than your average basic theme. The MasterStudy WordPress Theme is designed and developed for use with WordPress 5.6 or higher.

Configuration Recommendations

In order to use all the options of MasterStudy, you need to make sure that your hosting supports the following requirements:

  • WordPress version 5.6 or higher

  • PHP version 7.4 or higher

  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher

WordPress Requirements

  • Verify that your Web Hosting meets the WordPress minimum requirements

PHP Configuration Requirements

  • PHP Post Max Size: 64 MB

  • PHP Memory Limit: 256 MB

  • PHP Time Limit: 300

  • PHP Max Input Vars: 2004

  • Max Upload Size: 64 MB

  • GZip: enabled

  • ZipArchive: enabled

  • WP Remote Get: enabled

How to view System Status

There is a System Status tab in MasterStudy Dashboard that gives you access to main server indicators:

Server Environment section shows which minimum requirements are met on your server:

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