Teachers is a post type, not related to LMS and can not be linked with LMS Courses, that can help you to create beautiful teachers' pages so site users could easily find more information about them. This type of post only can be accessed and managed from the admin panel.

In order to create a page where will be listed all Instructors who have added LMS courses on the website, please visit this section https://docs.stylemixthemes.com/masterstudy-theme-documentation/lms-settings/masterstudy-theme-manual-profiles#instructors-archive-page

To add a new Teachers post follow to Teachers > Add new. Enter the title and provide the description and some related content. For example, this can include the teacher's short bio, contact data, skills.

There are page options that you also can set up. This includes display of the title, background, and font color setup.

Below is the example of the teacher post:

Add more teacher posts and then create one page where all the teachers will be presented. Go to Pages > Add new.

You can add the Teachers Grid element using the WPBakery Page Builder. Click Add Element and under the STM tab find Teachers Grid.

Specify the number of posts per page, image size (thumbnail, medium, large, full), and show/hide pagination.

Users will be able to look through the posts via the page with teachers grid.

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