Online Testing

Online Testing Addon allows you to paste any quizzes through the shortcode to any page.

You can enable the Online Testing addon in the STM LMS > LMS Settings > Addons section of the WordPress dashboard menu.

By clicking on the Gear icon or following STM LMS Settings > Online Testing from the dashboard, you will find a shortcode that you need to use in order to paste a quiz to any page.

Go to the Quizzes page and add a new Quiz (see this article to learn how to create and add quizzes)

Create a quiz and insert a shortcode with quiz ID on a page. Shortcode: [stm_lms_quiz_online id=QUIZ_ID_HERE]

On the Quiz editing page from your right, you can see the Online Testing with the ready-to-use shortcode in there. Just copy the shortcode and paste it to the page

On this particular page, there will be a quiz you created that you can start and finish.

Please note that Quiz results are connected to the user’s IP address, that is why the result will be the same in different browsers.

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