General Settings

The first tab in Theme Options is General Settings.

General settings allow you to manage things like logo upload, site title typography, logo width, menu margin, main content padding, enable preloader, site favicon upload, enable left fixed sidebar:

  • Site Logo - upload a logo file;

  • White-text Logo - upload a white version of your logo to be used with the transparent header options;

  • Site Title Typography - select custom font for your site title (choose this options if you want to display Blog name instead of logo image);

  • Logo width - set the logo width in px;

  • Menu margin top - specify the top edge of menu in px;

  • Main content paddings - set padding for top/bottom/left/right of the main content section;

  • Enable preloader - enable or disable preloader on the site;

  • Site favicon - upload the file for site favicon (a 16px x 16px .png or .gif image);

  • Enable left fixed sidebar - when enabled you will have a left fixed sidebar:

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