Contact Form 7

Create new contact form

Contact Form 7 plugin allows creating a smart contact form for your customers.

To create and manage contact forms on your website navigate to Dashboard > Contact. On the page Contact Forms there is a list of all forms you have on the site.

To create a new form click the Add new button.

Provide the title for your form and use the codes to organize the content of it. You’ll find unfamiliar codes in the "Form" field, for example, [text* your-name]. These codes are called "tags" in the vocabulary for Contact Form 7.

You can add new tags using the Form Tag generators. To add fields to a form, make tags for them and insert them into the "Form" field.

The second word in the tag is its name. For example, the name of [text* your-name] is "your-name". This name is important as it is used later in your mail template. You can edit mail templates in the Mail tab panel.

If you see the error as shown on the screenshot below, please check the correctness of tags in your form! There are some tags that are reserved and used by WordPress, such as name and email. Usage of those can cause an error.

Tags you can use in a mail template contain only one word in brackets and look like [your-name]. You should be aware that this "your-name" is the same as the name of the form tag. The two tags correspond with the same name.

The Message Body field contains the mail content with tags used in the "Form" field.

In the mail, tags like [your-name] will be replaced by the user's input value, which is submitted through the corresponding form field, for example, [text* your-name].

Under the Messages tab you can specify and edit the messages that are used in different situations. For example, specify the notice that will be shown to users when the message was sent successfully. Just type the text in the space provided.

When the form is published, users need to fill in the fields.

When the form is filled correctly and submitted, a user will get a notification that the message was sent successfully.

All mail tags are replaced by the information that a user enters as his/her name, email, subject, and message. As a result, the admin receives an email with the relevant data instead of mail tags: [your-name] reflects a user name, [your-email] - a user's email, etc.

The website admin will get a similar email:

There was an error trying to send your message

The contact forms display this kind of error when you missed or wrongly set up fields in the Mail tab panel. You need to set up the Mail tab fields according to the above instructions.

Can't receive an email

If your form is displaying a response message "Thank you for your message. It has been sent." but you never receive an email for that, the mail may have been kidnapped or killed after that. Showing the message in the green background means that the PHP function for sending the mail has certainly completed successfully.

You should contact your hosting provider team ask them whether wp_mail() function is enabled on Server. Also, the spam filter often causes this kind of problem.

Here you can read about how to solve other configuration errors in Contact Form 7 -

Add contact form to the page

After you finish editing your form save the changes and get back to the Contact Form page. Find your form and copy the shortcode.

Paste the shortcode on the page where you want to place the contact form.

Also, there Contact Form7 elements available for Elemetor and WPBakery Page Builder.


When editing the page with Elementor, go to the Elements tab and search for the Contact Form 7. Add the element to the page.

Select the form you want to use from the dropdown in the Content section.

Update the changes and check your form on the page.


If you are using WPBakery Page Builder, click on Add element and find the Contact Form 7 item.

Choose the form from the dropdown and save the changes.

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