Point System

This video describes the Points Reward System features.

Award students for their progress and activity by applying Point Reward System. Boost motivation, engagement, and attention Span with this feature and make courses more effective and fun.

To activate Points Reward System go to STM LMS > Addons. Find Points System addon and Enable it. Check the Settings section by clicking on the Gear icon or follow Point System Settings menu from the dashboard.

Point System Settings

In the Point System Setting, there are 2 tabs - Interface and Pont Distribution.

In Interface, you need to:

  • add a new image that will typify your points;

  • enter a Point Label;

  • specify the point rate - any number that you want to be equal to USD 1;

  • enable the affiliate points - your users can share their affiliate link, and get points for the activity of users, they invited;

  • affiliate points percent - set the number of percents, the user will receive from the affiliate;

In Points Distribution you can set the point amount for each activity on your site. For example, for registration on the website, a user gets 50 points.

Admins and students can check the number of gained points on the profile page. Just click on the Earning history to see the points you gained.

By clicking on How to get more? students can open the page with the Points Distribution and learn what activities can bring them more points.

The admin can access the Point Statistics from the dashboard.

On the Student Points page, you can check all students points, and edit and delete if needed.

When a student wants to buy a new course there will be an additional option of buying it for points. Also, learners will be shown the exact amount they lack to purchase.

Affiliate Link is an additional feature in the Point Reward System. An amazing opportunity to add affiliate marketing and transform it into a game.

How to use Affiliate Points?

First of all, you need to activate the Affiliate Points. Go to STM LMS > Point System Settings and Enable Affiliate Points. Then, set the amount of percents students will receive from the affiliate.

After this, students will be able to copy and share the link which will be available on the profile page. It allows them to earn points for activities of users they invited via that link.

Let students earn points for referring visitors and sign-ups.

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