Payouts Process

From the Admin prospective

To set up Payouts Process, first, go to MS LMS -> Statistics.

Click the Create Payout button.

You will see the Success inscription. This means that everything is configured correctly and the Payout request has been sent.

Wait from 10 to 15 seconds. Then go to the Payout section. You will see the created payout here.

You can check the PayPal business account and make sure that the transaction to the instructor's account has been completed successfully.

Instructors will see the transaction in their account as shown below.

Here you can see that the instructor received exactly the amount that was indicated in the statistics. That means, that the fee was withdrawn from the website owner's account.

If everything is set up correctly, the process will occur automatically!

Payouts statuses

  • Success - everything was set up correctly.

  • Pending - that means, that payout is pending (this process takes 10-15 seconds). After pending, it will automatically change to success (you will need to refresh the page).

  • Create - the Payout was created but the request was not sent, you need to look through all the steps above and repeat.

NOTE: Create status means that you can have problems with correct Payouts, that's why you should set up everything correctly before creating Payouts.

  • Unclaimed - the recipient's account is not accepting transactions. This issue is related to PayPal settings and does not depend on the MasterStudy LMS plugin or MasterStudy Theme.

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