SCORM addon allows you to use different content authoring tools to create courses and sell them with your LMS. Thanks to SCORM compatibility standards of eLearning content you can use it on MasterStudy LMS by simply uploading the content to your website.

To start using the addon go to STM LMS > Addons. Find there SCORM addon and enable it.

Once the addon is activated, go to the Course curriculum. Select the course you need or create a new one and move to the Curriculum section. Here instead of creating sections and lessons just Upload SCORM package.

After the upload, you can View the package or Delete it.

Please note all other fields in the curriculum section will not be displayed after the SCORM package upload.

Now students can purchase and enroll in the course.

The appearance of the course will correspond to the system you used to create your course content.

Below are the examples of courses created on the different systems and uploaded into LMS.

In the SCORM Settings menu on your dashboard panel, you can also add file formats that a SCORM package can contain. Just enter extensions in the space provided: psd,txt.

For the instructors, who use the frontend course builder, the process of uploading the SCORM file is the same. You need to select the course, open its Curriculum and upload the package.

Please note if there were lessons in the curriculum, they will be deleted after the SCORM package is uploaded.

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