Under the Courses tab, you can manage the settings that are mostly related to the display of the courses. Take full control and adjust the appearance.

  • Import demo courses - When you click Start Import, all demo courses, questions, quizzes and lessons will be uploaded to the site.

  • Courses Page - Choose the main page where all courses will be displayed.

  • Courses per page - Set the number of courses to display on one page.

  • Сourses per row - Set the number of courses to show per row.

  • Courses Page Layout - Choose the layout for the courses page: Grid or List.

Compare the look for Grid and List views of the courses page: Grid:


Course Card

  • Course Card Style - Select the display style for the course card.

  • Course Card Info - Specify where to place the course card info: right or center.

  • Courses Image Size - Enter the size for the course image.

From version 3.0.24 of the MasterStudy LMS plugin, these settings apply only to the Archive page of courses. WPBakery and Elementor users can now configure course card settings directly within LMS widgets. You can customize and change container heights and image sizes for cards.

Let's compare Course Card Styles:

  • Category slug - Put a unique slug to show in the URL before the category, e.g. - slug, templates- category).

  • Load more type - Enable this if you want to load certain parts of a webpage, such as images until users need them. This can speed up page load times.

  • Show featured courses on top of the list page - This option displays featured courses on the top of the course list page.

  • Number of featured courses on the Archive page - Specify the number of featured courses to display on the Archive Page.

  • Enable filters on the Archive page - Enable courses filtering by categories, there are 6 filters available that you can enable according to your needs: category, rating, subcategory, status, levels, and price.

With this option, users can use the sidebar on the course listing page and filter the browsing depending on the chosen category. Every time applying the filter they do not need to reload the page, every change displays instantly.

Please note when the filters are enabled, the number of courses per row will be 3 by default to ensure the best look.

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