June 27, 2022
  • Fix: Compatibility of the widgets with the new version of Elementor
  • Fix: Course Lessons Widget on WP Bakery has been renamed to Offline Course Lessons Widget
  • Fix: Website Footer displaying issues
  • Fix: Menu displaying issues in Mobile version
  • Fix: Compatibility of the widgets with the new version of Elementor
  • Fix: Some strings were not visible for translation
  • Fix: Demo Import optimization
  • Fix: Drip Content Lesson type appearance
  • Fix: Even when membership expired, the course is still listed under "Enrolled Courses"
  • Fix: Certificate Builder issue with RTL
  • Fix: Password field is duplicated when creating a Zoom Conference lesson


June 8, 2022
  • New: Reordering of the Profile Menu Items
  • Fix: Uploaded SCORM course couldn't be deleted
  • Fix: Curriculum lesson preview arrow icon issue in classic course style
  • Fix: Courses archive page list view style issues with default WordPress themes
  • Fix: Certificate appears even for inactivated Certificate Builder add-ons
  • Fix: Course Bundles style issue with default WordPress themes
  • Fix: Modern Course style course image height issue with default WordPress themes
  • Fix: Hover effect with Enterprise Price when using the WordPress default themes
  • Fix: The sticky header caused inappropriate work of the login page on mobile devices
  • Fix: Inappropriate content box appearance in the list view of the courses archive page when applying RTL
  • Fix: RTL Demo Header issues in the header styles (Offline Courses Header, Distance Learning Header, and White-LMS Header)
  • Fix: In the Footer, Widgets reordering didn’t work when applying RTL
  • Fix: Demo Header didn’t change for Offline Courses when applying RTL
  • Fix: The Search Widget didn't work with Elementor Header & Footer Builder
  • Fix: New single post added with Elementor Builder after publishing removed other default blocks (example: comment section, top bar, etc.)


May 4, 2022
Welcoming the new way of the custom colors appliance to the MasterStudy LMS elements. Set the colors you like to match the LMS color scheme to your brand identity or make it look completely different from the rest of the website to make it easier for students to concentrate on the learning process even more. Customize the side Profile Menu for the users to improve your website visitor's experience and site interaction. Make your MasterStudy LMS reflect the site's usability and mood to tailor it to your audience.

April 19, 2022


April 14, 2022


4 Apr, 2022


24 Mar, 2022


17 Mar, 2022


7 Mar, 2022
  • Fix: Bug with height of Sticky Panel on Single Course Page
  • Fix: Visual bug with visited options (remained as highlighted) in MS Course settings
  • Fix: When quiz is Passed the button below is not displayed in MasterStudy and any default themes
  • Fix: Minor bug with style code displaying in Statistics section on dashboard
  • Fix: Course category tabs are not visible on Course page with activated Udemy style
  • Fix: In the quiz section, when a question or answer is too long, it overlaps
  • Fix: Prerequisites addon does not work, when course style is Default
  • Fix: Some Pro version areas and fields are active in Course Settings (backend) of MasterStudy LMS Free version


15 Feb, 2022
We apologize for this awkward situation with the latest MasterStudy Theme update. Hence we have recently released the hot-fix with the MasterStudy LMS plugin.
So for now, it is COMPLETELY SAFE to update the MasterStudy Theme to the 4.4.4 version. As a tip, we recommend you follow the basic instructions before updating. Those who have not updated within the first two hours after the update release, feel free to do it now without any problem.
On the contrary, if you have already updated the MasterStudy Theme and have gotten a fatal error on your website, please follow the steps below:
  1. 1.
    Download the archive on your Envato profile page.
  2. 2.
    Unzip the file which will give a Masterstudy folder. Make sure your unzipping software/tool does not create an extra directory with the same name nested into each other.
  3. 3.
    Retrieve your FTP login information from your hosting admin panel. Login to your FTP account via FTP software (as an example, FileZilla any other one) or File Manager tool in Cpanel to access your website folders.
  4. 4.
    Once you access the FTP account, navigate to the WordPress theme directory YOUR_HOSTING_ROOT/YOUR_SUBDIRECTORY/wp-content/themes and remove the masterstudy folder.
  5. 5.
    Upload the previously unzipped masterstudy folder into YOUR_HOSTING_ROOT/YOUR_SUBDIRECTORY/wp-content/themes directory.
If you have troubles or obstacles with the provided solution our support gives a high priority to your cases. And if your support policy is expired please no worries. We have prepared an express form to collect your data and fix the problem manually. In this case, please fill up all the required fields in this form.
Once again, our deepest apologies for the inconvenience. We assure to take steps to ensure that this kind of situation does not repeat anymore.
Please meet the new StylemixThemes Activation System. No need to generate a Token anymore - just use your Envato Purchase Code. Follow this link for more information and a step-by-step guide on how the activation process works.
Please read the detailed instruction before updating the theme.
  • NEW: Migrated to new StylemixThemes Activation System and downloads service
  • Update: Theme dashboard improvement and restyling
  • Update: MasterStudy Elementor widgets plugin is updated to 1.1.7
  • Update: MasterStudy STM configurations plugin is updated to 4.3.6
  • Fix: Pagination is not displayed on Instructor Carousel element in RTL Demo
  • Fix: Incorrect course elements layout on Classic mode in RTL Demo
  • Fix: Theme style issues
  • Fix: Enrolled courses remain in the user's profile after the expiration of the plan
  • Fix: Visual bugs with Twenty Twenty-Two standard WordPress theme
  • Fix: Addon for Paid Membership Pro - Approvals does not work with courses in subscription plans
  • Fix: Lesson frontend description styles are reset after the lesson is saved
  • Fix: Issue with redirecting the user to the lesson after clicking Preview on course curriculum
  • Fix: Bug with countdown for lesson start time
  • Fix: Visual bug with STM LMS Courses Categories on Elementor Page Builder
  • Fix: Visual style bug on Recent Courses widget's Categories tabs while hovering on them
  • Fix: Bug with course navigation button
  • Fix: System allows to add participants more than the specified limit after creating a group through Buy for group button (Group Courses addon)
  • Fix: Single Course cover image is not displaying in Modern Course Style
  • Fix: Bug with custom fields in Forms Editor addon
  • Fix: Text under the countdown is not showing on Zoom Meeting Lesson
  • Fix: Featured Course covers are not displaying after selecting Modern style for the Courses page
  • Fix: For students notification is not showing after checking the student's assignments by instructors
  • Fix: Removed Add New button in Student Assignments section on the dashboard
  • Fix: Default fields dislocation in Profile From of LMS Forms Editor addon
  • Fix: The certificate reflects the username of the student, not his personal name and last name. This problem was detected when adding custom First Name and Last Name fields to the registration form using the LMS Forms Editor addon.
  • Fix: Bug with custom checkboxes in LMS Forms Editor addon


13 Jan, 2022
  • New: Media File Manager Add-on
  • New: Added new icon MasterStudy set on Icon Box element in Elementor Page builder
  • New: Added new styles 7 and 8 for STM Testimonials widget in Elementor Page builder
  • New: Added new style 2 for Video widget in Elementor Page builder
  • New: From now on, STM prefixes were removed from the LMS widgets Elementor Page builder. Added the icons and LMS label instead
  • Update: MasterStudy Elementor widgets plugin updated to 1.1.6
  • Update: MasterStudy STM configurations plugin updated to 4.3.5
  • Fix: Removed the styles, which are conflicting with Elementor's widgets (Social Icons, Accordion)
  • Fix: Bug with LMS modules, when placing them onto the page using Elementor Page builder
  • Fix: Some bugs while editing the pages using Elementor page builders


21 Dec, 2021


25 Nov, 2021
  • UPD: STM Configurations plugin updated to 4.3.4
  • UPD: Udemy style renamed to Modern Style
  • UPD: Modern Style is active by default
  • UPD: Theme options version updated
  • UPD: Distance learning demo.xml updated
  • UPD: Float menu icon
  • FIXED: SCORM courses uploading issue
  • FIXED: Translation issues of several non-editable strings
  • FIXED: Free courses filtering issue
  • FIXED: Problem with saving questions/quizzes using eRoom plugin
  • FIXED: Certificates date translation issue
  • FIXED: Student reviewing issue
  • FIXED: Wizard navigation menu issue
  • FIXED: Instructors archive page responsive issue
  • FIXED: Separator widget align issue
  • FIXED: "Fill the gap" answer align issue
  • FIXED: Minor web layout issues


22 Oct, 2021


18 Oct, 2021


21 Sep, 2021


14 Sep, 2021
  • UPD: STM Configurations plugin updated to 4.3.3
  • UPD: Demo Import XML files (All demos)


2 Sep, 2021


12 Aug, 2021


2 Aug, 2021
  • UPD: Zoom Meetings/Webinars Grid widget design updated
  • FIXED: H5P plugin Reuse and Embed features are not displaying on the plugin pages
  • FIXED: Browser title does not change on switching to the Quiz page
  • FIXED: Featured Teacher widget loading issue
  • FIXED: Match Items quiz showing wrong results
  • FIXED: Translation issues with several non-editable strings
  • FIXED: Students did not get a reply email when assignment status changed
  • FIXED: Video Duration icon displaying when Video Duration field is blank in Udemy Affiliate layout
  • FIXED: The same course materials attaching several times in the Udemy Affiliate layout
  • FIXED: Membership Approval (Paid Membership Pro plugin) compatibility


28 Jul, 2021
  • UPD: Compatibility with WordPress v. 5.8
  • UPD: MasterStudy Elementor widgets plugin updated to 4.3.1
  • UPD: STM configurations plugin updated to 4.3.1
  • ADDED: Option to disable parallax style for footer
  • FIXED: Theme Options Custom CSS field not saving changes
  • FIXED: Header style fixes in Distance Learning Demo
  • FIXED: Products by Rating widget not showing the sale price
  • FIXED STM Teachers blocks not displaying in Elementor
  • FIXED Demo import errors due to WP 5.8
  • UPD: The certificate generation rules have been updated to reduce the waiting time for the certificate download
  • FIXED: String translation issues in Question type section and some placeholders
  • FIXED: The appearance of external symbols in Item Match quizzes.
  • FIXED: User account page items position fixed for RTL
  • FIXED: Mobile devices responsiveness for Send Message button popup
  • FIXED: Partial displaying lesson titles in Classic Lesson style
  • FIXED: Login/Register modal form switching bug by enrolling in the course without logging in.
  • FIXED: Minor style fixes
  • UPD: Affiliate Link Block for a points system in Instructor/Student Profile
  • FIXED: Co-instructors list was not fully displayed by adding the co-instructor from the frontend
  • FIXED: Course Bundles fatal error
  • FIXED: Translation issues with several non-editable strings


15 Jun, 2021


10 Jun, 2021


1 Jun, 2021


12 May, 2021


12 May, 2021
Full WooCommerce Integration
Sell courses online with a free customizable WooCommerce plugin. With the full WooCommerce integration you will be able to set up products, shopping cart, sell these products with one of the online payment gateways.
WooCommerce integration allows combining courses with other types of products, using WooCommerce payment gateway, selling subscriptions, and accepting recurring payments.
Update of the MasterStudy LMS free and MasterStudy LMS PRO is required. After updating the theme to version 4.2.8, plugins can be updated under the Appearance > Install Plugins section.


4 May, 2021
  • FIXED: Primary Sidebar can't be applied to blog archive page (Elementor)
  • FIXED: Testimonials carousel navigation arrows doesn't work in Offline Courses Layout
  • FIXED: Courses categories masonry view is incorrect due to small default container width in Light LMS Layout
  • FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
  • ADDED: Translations of Lesson badges for Offline courses
  • FIXED: The Popular courses widget shows the price Free, regardless of price or status are indicated
  • FIXED: Video poster goes beyond video frame when opening video modal
  • FIXED: Students appeared in the Featured Teacher select box
  • FIXED: Replacing chosen font by default plugin font
  • FIXED: Placeholders of checkbox and dropdown elements aren't displaying after adding in LMS Forms Editor
  • FIXED: Responsive view of Send message modal in Classic style of Public Profile
  • ADDED: Translation for the Error messages
  • ADDED: Placeholders for Select box in Profile Forms Editor
  • FIXED: Chinese, Arabic and some other fonts aren't displaying in the Certificate
  • FIXED: Certificate Title entities in Certificate builder
  • FIXED: Double adding a student to the course
  • FIXED: Buy button functionality when clicking in modal
  • FIXED: Minor bugs
  • UPD: STM Configurations updated to 4.3.0
  • UPD: MasterStudy Elementor Widgets updated to 4.3.0


31 Mar, 2021
  • FIXED: Missing CSS files


30 Mar, 2021
  • UPD: WordPress 5.7 compatibility with jquery migrate
  • UPD: Fancybox updated in core
  • UPD: Cancel Subscription in Classic profile style moved to the sidebar
  • ADDED: Image preview to Assignments
  • ADDED: Enterprise form in user account
  • FIXED: Front-end bugs in Eroom meeting page
  • FIXED: RTL header styles
  • FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
  • FIXED: Gallery masonry grid error fixed
  • FIXED: Quantity in variable product fixed
  • FIXED: Broken order of the categories and subcategories in Frontend Course Builder
  • FIXED: Broken categories dropdown in Frontend Course Builder (French letters)
  • FIXED: Course description bug in Frontend Course Builder
  • FIXED: Point System shows zero value
  • FIXED: Points are not credited after enabling the Point statistics add-on
  • FIXED: Zero values in point statistics settings
  • FIXED: Minor frontend bugs


23 Feb, 2021
  • UPD: Child theme updated
  • FIXED: Gallery grid $per_page bug
  • FIXED: Editing several quizzes on Front-End issues
  • FIXED: Restore password doesn't work with activated Yoast SEO plugin


22 Feb, 2021
  • NEW: Coding School demo
  • FIXED: MasterStudy Elementor Widgets installation skipped during demo import
  • ADDED: H5P compatibility added to quizzes
  • FIXED: Correct answers appeared when the 'show correct answer' option is disabled
  • FIXED: LMS Wizard typo
  • FIXED: Empty addons and Payout tabs content
  • FIXED: Duplicate email sending when 'course added to user'
  • ADDED: Action before sending an announcement


04 Feb, 2021
  • IMPROVEMENT: Event time included in Event Info module
  • IMPROVEMENT: Event price included in Event Info module
  • IMPROVEMENT: 'Free' price label added for free products
  • IMPROVEMENT: Redirect to MasterStudy LMS after demo import added
  • IMPROVEMENT: Plugin Setup Wizard added
  • IMPROVEMENT: ‘Become instructor’ option added in the user profile
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added unique classes to user profile navigation menu
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added validation to Lost Password box
  • IMPROVEMENT: Navigation menu badges added
  • FIXED: Category mega-menu
  • FIXED: WooCommerce product catalog settings fixed
  • FIXED: Featured teacher module in Classic LMS 2 layout
  • FIXED: Image appearance in testimonials section Style 1
  • FIXED: Certificate Template name editing bug
  • FIXED: Assignment pagination
  • FIXED: Draft courses excluded from Gradebook
  • FIXED: Manage course notice about disabled tabs
  • FIXED: Drip content dependencies
  • FIXED: Empty category view (0 subcategories) in the search filter
  • FIXED: STM LMS Courses grid module title
  • FIXED: Registration error text fixed
  • FIXED: Quiz answer "0" treating as incorrect answer bug
  • FIXED: Manage course loading view on frontend
  • FIXED: 'Lost password' option on mobile
  • FIXED: Membership plan with No available courses in a subscription will not appear as a purchase option for the course
  • FIXED: Paginated quiz first/last buttons inactive when on first/last question respectively
  • FIXED: Question bank adding several banks fixed
  • FIXED: Login button text changed
  • FIXED: ‘Become instructor’ button is hidden for logged-in instructors
  • FIXED: Courses filter category bug
  • FIXED: Translations with VUE variable {field} fixed
  • FIXED: LMS pages conflict with Elementor Pro
  • FIXED: Emails are not being sent when the Email Template addon disabled
  • UPD: New LMS Settings section is built on CFTO framework
  • UPD: Translations updated


12 Jan, 2021
  • IMPROVEMENT: Deny Instructors from accessing the admin panel
  • IMPROVEMENT: Student email column in the 'Manage Students' section
  • IMPROVEMENT: Featured courses to the archive page
  • IMPROVEMENT: The "unlim" value added to the membership plans
  • IMPROVEMENT: Password validation in the edit profile page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Custom image upload added under course settings for the successful course completion message
  • IMPROVEMENT: Randomize questions option added to the Frontend Course Builder
  • IMPROVEMENT: Time zones added to the Zoom Conference lessons
  • FIXED: Image appearance in the 'Popular courses' element, style 2
  • FIXED: Month arrows issues in the date picker
  • FIXED: BuddyPress redirects fixed
  • FIXED: Statistic issue
  • FIXED: LMS messaging system issues fixed
  • FIXED: Public account not showing
  • FIXED: Public account login
  • FIXED: Assignments category dropdown
  • FIXED: Curriculum error in the dashboard
  • FIXED: Minor frontend issues
  • FIXED: Adding video lesson error on frontend course builder
  • FIXED: SCORM course doesn't start
  • FIXED: Frontend bugs in the public profile
  • FIXED: Assignments statistics errors in the Gradebook
  • FIXED: Course bundle description field
  • FIXED: Redirect after logout
  • FIXED: Cooking demo visual bugs
  • FIXED: Disable PMPRO redirect while demo import


29 Dec, 2020
  • NEW: Cooking Courses demo
  • IMPROVEMENT: Routes replaced by creating LMS pages
  • FIXED: WPML Language switcher issues
  • IMPROVEMENT: Select an option to choose course categories (Elementor STM LMS Courses Grid)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Wishlist icon changed for classic course style
  • IMPROVEMENT: Notification for a Database update
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quiz Randomize option for frontend course builder
  • FIXED: Remove points when retaking the quiz
  • FIXED: Quiz WebView issues fixed (for Masterstudy App)
  • FIXED: Assignment count bug fixed
  • FIXED: Assignment long name issue
  • FIXED: BuddyPress members, activity page issues fixed
  • FIXED: Course Bundle description field issue
  • FIXED: Offline course curriculum dropdown preview button issue fixed.


10 Dec, 2020
  • UPD: Compatibility with WordPress 5.6
  • NEW FEATURE: Quiz paginated style added
  • FIXED: Sidebar section renamed in Theme Options
  • FIXED: Sidebar module error
  • FIXED: Editing in Elementor doesn't work for theme custom post types
  • FIXED: Enterprise academy layout fixed (script enqueue)
  • FIXED: Removed negative margin for overflowed_content class in Elementor
  • FIXED: Search block appearance in header 2
  • FIXED: Wishlist icon changed
  • FIXED: Stream and drip content countdown bug (+1 day)
  • FIXED: SCORM start course redirect error
  • FIXED: Instructor account's styles broken when Multi-instructor addon disabled
  • FIXED: Author fee text changed (Statistics and Payouts)
  • FIXED: Removed user manager templates from frontend
  • FIXED: Course available even after PMPro subscription canceled or expired
  • FIXED: Default list view bug
  • FIXED: Visual bug on course bottom banner with membership only
  • FIXED: JS variable in Spanish translation
  • FIXED: HTML code in Spanish translation
  • FIXED: True/false question doesn't work if translation added
  • FIXED: Lesson video automatic play error
  • FIXED: Wishlist page layout
  • FIXED: Stripe script removed when payment disabled
  • FIXED: Selecting question type in manage course visual bug
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quiz required fields removed. Alert on submission added
  • IMPROVEMENT: Limit setting for header categories added
  • IMPROVEMENT: New share buttons added
  • IMPROVEMENT: Student assignment can now be managed by admin from the WordPress dashboard
  • IMPROVEMENT: Course title added in a lesson comment email (Email manager)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Login, the course title, and assignment title added in user assignment submission email (Email manager)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Setting for assignment upload extension added
  • IMPROVEMENT: Assignment send button disabled if the assignment is empty
  • IMPROVEMENT: Settings for custom course levels added
  • IMPROVEMENT: Course filter added to the instructor's account for assignment section
  • IMPROVEMENT: Archive course card view for mobile devices updated
  • IMPROVEMENT: Review WYSIWYG removed image/video upload
  • IMPROVEMENT: WordPress validation notice added to user login on the registration process