Payment Methods

In Payment Methods, you can set up different payment gateways. Among the options available are:

  • Offline payment

  • Wire transfer

  • Paypal

  • Stripe

To enable the needed option simply check the box. When enabling a certain payment method you will see the additional settings that are different for each option.

To enable WooCommerce payment methods, go to the STM LMS Settings > General and switch on the WooCommerce Checkout option.

Offline Payment

Specify the option label, for example: Pay in our office.

Wire Transfer

In Wire transfer, you need to enter some information like account number, holder name, bank name, swift code, and specify the option label.


For PayPal payment, you need to set up the email and its Mode (sandbox or live). Also, you should set up your PAYPAL account IPN as

Enter PayPal email, select the currency, set up email mode, and write payment method description.


Enter publish key and secret key, specify the payment description and Stripe currency code.

Please follow the link: to learn how to obtain credentials.

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