Social Login

MasterStudy supports the Nextend Social Login plugin which allows you to enable social login on your website using popular social media networks. The free version includes such mediums as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Nextend Social Login

To start the work, install and activate the plugin first. Go to Plugins > Add new, search for the Nextend Social Login plugin, click Install and activate it after the installation.

Next go to Settings > Nextend Social Login.

Here you can set up social networks you are planning to use for social login.

Facebook Login

You need to create the app to collect the credentials and enable Facebook configuration. Please follow the steps provided in the Nextend documentation:

After the setup is finished just enable Facebook login. Now people can use their Facebook to register on your website.

Google Login

Click on Getting Started to proceed with setup. Under the Getting Started menu you can find steps you need to do in order to set up Google configuration. Or you can visit the Nextend docs:

Follow these steps to collect the credentials.

Once you finished, enter the credentials and verify your settings and enable the option.

It lets visitors log in to the site using their Google account login data.

Twitter Login

To enable login via Twitter follow the steps provided here:

Once again, you need to get credentials first.

After you finish, your users will be able to login using their Twitter accounts as well.