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How to import demo content
After successful theme activation you can install the chosen demo layout under Masterstudy > Demo Import.
If the theme is installed on a live site, then you need to backup content (posts, pages, etc.) before the demo import. We recommend installing demo content on a new WordPress.

Page Builder

You can select what page builder you want to use on your website. When importing the demo in the Install Demo section you will be offered to choose between WP Bakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) and Elementor. Click on one of the options to select the page builder. The selected plugin will be installed during the Demo Import.
Each demo layout requires a number of plugins to function properly. Fortunately, StylemixThemes has made it easy for you to install the plugins and they will be installed automatically during the demo setup process. To start the import, click on the Setup layout button.
Setup Layout feature installs all required plugins, imports the chosen demo layout and widgets.
After finishing the procedure you can visit your site front page in order to see all ready features.
Please note that most images replaced with a placeholder image because of licensing.
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Page Builder