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MasterStudy LMS – Learning Management System plugin is the most powerful WordPress LMS Plugin for online courses. It has three versions Free, PRO and PRO Plus:

The LMS plugin will convert any WordPress website into a specialized online portal that supports all e-learning & LMS functionality unique to the industry. It gives you the tools to build and sell online courses.

The plugin includes everything for making your website LMS Portal and easily creating and selling professional online courses. Here is a full tutorial on how to set up the settings for LMS:

For the management of lessons, quizzes, and instructional materials, this flexible WordPress LMS plugin has all the necessary Learning Management System (LMS) functionalities. The plugin includes everything for making your website LMS Portal and easily create and sell professional online courses.

You can use it for the administration, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The Learning Management System manages all types of content, including videos, quizzes, lessons, slides, assignments, announcements, FAQs, and certificates. In the education and higher education markets, the LMS may be used to create professional structured course content. The teacher can add, text, images, videos, pdfs, tables, links and text formatting, interactive tests, slideshows.

Moreover, you can create different types of users, such as teachers, students, administrators. Teachers can manage courses and modules, enroll students or set up self-enrollment, check students' assignments, launch a video conference, and sell their online courses.

An LMS supports content in various formats: text, video, audio and one can access materials anytime, from everywhere, teachers can modify the content, and students can see the updated material or directly download them.

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