Upcoming Course Status

With the Upcoming Course Status, you can create and promote courses that are not yet available for enrollment. This addon lets you give a preview of the upcoming courses and a countdown to the launch date.

Upcoming Course Status addon settings

Allow instructors to enable Upcoming course status - Enable this setting if you want instructors to set up the Upcoming course status.

Allow course preordering - Enable this setting if you want your students to buy the course but can’t start until the specified course launch date.

Allow upcoming courses to be added to the Course bundles - Enable this setting if you want to add upcoming courses to the Course Bundles.

How to create a course with upcoming status

The status will help to announce courses and display them on the site under Coming Soon status. To set up this, go to the Settings tab in the Course builder, head over to the Access section and enable Upcoming Сourse Status.

After enabling the Upcoming course status addon, you will see these settings:

Notification text about upcoming courses - You can write the text for notification of this upcoming course.

Coming soon end date - Choose the date you want to publish the course.

Coming soon end time - Choose the time you want to publish the course. The countdown will disappear when the time for publishing your upcoming course comes.

Allow preordering - Your students can buy the course but can’t start until the specified course launch date. This will work only if you enable this feature in the Addon Settings.

Allow email notifications - Your students will get notified about the updates.

Show course author, category and rating - Enable this if you want to show course author, category and rating.

Show course price - The price of the upcoming course will be shown to students. But note that the price will be shown only if you enable preordering in the addon settings and the Course builder.

How it will look on

Managing courses with an upcoming course status

Admins can see the upcoming courses in the Courses section of their admin dashboard.

You can click on Manage Students to see the list of students signed up for the upcoming course.

Here you can also see students' names, email, status, progress and the date they subscribed for this upcoming course.

How to keep students updated about the upcoming courses

To do that, enable email notification in the Course builder. Students will see a bell on the screen and when they click on it, this will show up:

You can get their emails and send them updates. This is what they will see:

How to change the email notification texts students get

You can change the messages your students will get after subscribing to the upcoming course in the Upcoming section in the Email Manager addon settings.

You can enable three types of notifications for subscribers:

  1. When the course becomes available to start learning:

  1. When the course becomes available for presale:

  1. When the course start date changes:

This is the email template example your students will get:

Course preordering

You can set up your course for pre-sale. To do that, you should enable course preordering in the Course Builder.

Important: The Show course price setting must be enabled for preordering to work

That is how your students will see the Course page when preordering is enabled:

Students can preorder your upcoming courses by making payments via Stripe, PayPal and WooCommerce. Check out the documentation on each payment gateway to learn how to set up them.

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