Media File Manager

Media File Manager allows you to easily manage your media files in various formats providing you with a convenient access to them.

To activate this feature, go to STM LMS > Addons and enable the Media File Manager add-on.


In the Media File Manager Settings, you can set the maximum upload file size and specify the file extensions that are allowed to be uploaded.

If you try to upload any file larger than the maximum size that you set in Settings, you will get the following error message:

If you try to upload a file with an extension that you did not specify as an allowed file format, you will get the following error message:

When you click on any media file upload button, the 'Media Gallery' window will appear. And there you can upload your preferred type of media files from your computer or choose to use any of your existing files which you uploaded earlier.

Upload any file from your computer by clicking the 'Browse File' button:

You can also delete the files which are no longer needed by clicking on the 'Trash Can' icon:

Click the 'OK' button on the Delete Confirmation Message to delete the selected file:

On the 'Media Gallery' window, there is a Search bar that allows you to make a search through your uploaded files.

With the help of two drop-down menus on the top right corner of the uploaded files, you can sort media files by their type, name, date, and size.

How It Works

You can benefit from this feature in a number of situations where file uploading is involved such as Uploading Course featured images:

While attaching course materials, the "Media Gallery" will be available:


The 'Media Gallery' window will appear when you upload the Lesson Materials while editing the Lessons image:

You can also take advantage of this feature while uploading a "Video" and 'Video Poster' for video lesson type.


When you add a new question and prefer it to be an image, the Media Gallery window will be available right after clicking the 'Image' button:

It does not matter what type of question you want to add, this feature is available for all of them:

You can also add the answer to your question as an image with Media Gallery. To activate this feature, do not forget to click the 'Image' icon on the right:


You can access the Media Gallery while creating a new Bundle by clicking the 'Upload Image' button:

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