Translating LMS pages

Translating the User Profile page

To translate pages with WPML, go to the Translation Management section of the WPML plugin.

Select Page for translation and click Filter.

Select the User Profile page to translate.

Scroll down, choose Translate for the translation option and click Add To Translation Queue.

Then, go to the Translations section in WPML.

Click on Translate of your selected course.

In Advanced Translation Editor, add a translation in front of the statement you want to translate and save the translation by clicking on the tick.

After adding the translations you need, click Complete.

That's how it will look with the page translated into Russian with WPML.

Translating the Checkout page

To translate the Checkout with WPML, choose the Checkout.

Scroll down, choose Translate and click Add to translation queue.

Go back to the Translations section of the WPML plugin.

Click Translate for the Checkout page you to translate.

Add the translation to the statement that you need and save by clicking on the tick button.

After adding all translations, click Complete.

That's how it will look.

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