Course Player

Course Player settings will set up how students will see and learn courses on LMS. It has the following settings:

  • Course Player View - Users can switch to the old Course player with this setting.

  • Lesson page default theme - Users can choose the Light or Dark default theme for the Lesson Page.

  • Show brand icon in navigation - Enable this if you want to add your brand image to the navigation panel on the header part

  • Upload an image for navigation - After enabling the brand icon, users can upload an image of their brand for the navigation panel.

There are light and dark themes in the Course player. Your students can pick the one that suits their mood or surroundings with a simple click.

Take note: if you have made changes in the lesson text color, these changes may display incorrectly when changing to dark mode. Please, clear the formatting in the Lesson editor or using Elementor.

Securing Video Lessons in MasterStudy LMS: Removing YouTube and Vimeo Icons

When adding video lessons from YouTube or Vimeo to your courses in MasterStudy LMS, the default settings include clickable icons that link to the original video sources. Removing these icons helps keep the video within the educational context of the course and discourages content sharing.

Video Lesson View (YouTube Source)

Video Lesson View (Vimeo Source)

For more information, you may find How to add video to the lesson page

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