Are you having issues while using MasterStudy LMS? Our support agents can assist you with great pleasure by troubleshooting any questions or errors you run across while using our plugin. However in the manual below, we have collected the most common problems and their solutions that can help you solve the issues before submitting support requests.

System and Plugin Updates

Please make sure that MasterStudy LMS Pro plugins are all up to date when you notice any type of glitch. We are always trying to stay on top of bugs with minor releases to our products. This means that just a quick update may be the solution to the issue you’re experiencing. You can always check the Release notes of the plugins to check bug fixes and improvements that are included in the latest update.

Not sure if your plugins are out of date, please compare the installed version of the Plugins with our release notices. To receive updates for the MasterStudy LMS Pro Pro plugin make sure you have your license key activated.

Once you’ve made sure MasterStudy LMS Pro plugins are up to date, you need to also check that your system itself is up to date! Issues can arise from older unsupported versions of PHP or WordPress on your website. We are always making sure that our products are compatible with the latest releases as these platforms update and change to perform better.

We have provided a supported list of System requirements to make plugins work. You can use one of the below-mentioned plugins to get detailed information about the system.

If your system does not match them, you can change the required parameters and PHP version under the Hosting account, cPanel, or contact your hosting provider to set the right parameters for you.

Plugin Documentation

We have created an extensive library of searchable documentation for the MasterStudy LMS Plugin. We take care to keep our documentation up to date as well as add new information and guides. That is why we highly recommend going through the documentation before working with the plugin.

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