Drip Content

The Drip Content addon ensures a structured learning flow by enabling content release either on specified dates or in a set sequence.

Settings in Drip Content Addon

There are several options for how you can set the sequence for course content.

Lock lessons in order - Lessons will be locked in terms of the order and students will not be able to get access to the second lesson until they complete the first one.

Lock lesson till its start time - The lesson will be locked till its start time. You can define it when editing the lesson in the Course Builder.

The lesson will be unlocked at its start time (for example at 6:50 PM as in the screenshot), until then students will be able to track the countdown.

Unlock the lesson after a certain time after the purchase - The lesson will be available a certain number of days after the purchase:

As this lesson is not available, students can not complete it and the next lessons also will not be available to study:

Settings in the Course Builder

  1. Go to the Drip tab of the course you want to add drip content.

  1. Click "Create new dependency".

  1. Drag and drop lessons, quizzes and assignments in the order you want your students to take.

  1. This is how it will look when you create an order. Don't forget to save the changes.

Students will unlock the next lesson only after they complete the parent one. As soon as you set up the sequence of the lessons, lessons that are not available will be marked as locked.

This is how it will look on the Curriculum tab of the course page.

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