Loco Translate

The easiest way to translate the plugin is by using the Loco Translate plugin.

Loco Translate is a plugin that allows you to translate your website's content into one language at a time, making it useful for single-language sites. It can not create multilingual websites!

Use WPML to create multilingual websites. MasterStudy is fully compatible with both plugins.

Install Loco Translate

Loco Translate is a free plugin that can be installed from WordPress's default repository.

  1. In the WordPress dashboard go to Plugins>Add New Plugin:

  1. On the opened page, search for Loco Translate, then install and activate it.

Change The Website and WordPress Language

When you change the website and/or WordPress language, the MasterStudy interface (plugin's static strings) will also change, as long as it has been translated into your chosen language.

You can check the list of translated languages in MasterStudy LMS here.

Change the site Language

  1. Open the general settings from the WordPress dashboard: Settings >General

  1. Find the Site Language setting and select the language according to your needs:

  1. Save the changes:

Change the WordPress (including plugins) Language

  1. Go to Edit Profile on the upper-right corner:

Alternatively, you can also follow WordPress Dashboard > Users > Profile:

  1. Find the Language setting then choose the one according to your needs:

  1. Update the profile settings:

Create the Translation File

Before starting the translation, the translation file should be created.

  1. Open the plugins page in Loco Translate by following Loco Translate > Plugins then choose MasterStudy LMS:

Seperate translation files should be created for free and pro versions of MasterStudy.

  1. In the opened page click on New Language:

If you find the language you need in the list, you can freely edit it. There is no need to create it again:

  1. Choose the language and select the last option (languages/plugin/...) as the location:

After clicking the Start Translation button, you will be directed to the Loco Translate editor where you can start translating the plugin strings.

Translation Process

The translation process is straightforward. Just write the translation to the designated area and save the changes:

Some words may start with special symbols like %s, %d, or &ab - these are variables. They can represent anything: a name, number, size, or date. You need to determine what they are from the context.

Do NOT translate them. You can only change the order of them in the sentence.

For instance:

Source text Translation (Korean)

Loco Translate

%s commented - "%d" on lesson %m in the course %n

%s 님이 강좌 %n의 강의 %m에 대해 "%d"라고 댓글을 남겼습니다.

On the website

Jane commented - "Hi" on lesson Intro in the course MasterStudy Basics

Jane 님이 강좌 MasterStudy Basics의 강의 Intro에 대해 'Hi'라고 댓글을 남겼습니다

If you cannot find some strings you want to translate in the free version of the plugin, try searching in the pro version.


Let's change the text inside the 'Preview this course' button. We will change it to 'Preview LOCO' just for testing.

  1. Search for 'Preview this course' and write 'Preview LOCO' to the translation.

  1. Save the changes:

Here is the result:

Update Translation File

Stylemixthemes cares about its clients, so we continuously add new and colorful features to our plugins to improve them. That's why it's important to keep your plugins up to date. During updates, new strings will be added or removed. After updating the plugin, you also need to synchronize it in the Loco Translate plugin.

  1. Edit the language (translation file) that you are using:

Do NOT touch the 'Edit Template' button on this page. It may cause you to lose your translations.

  1. Click on the Sync button and Save the changes. You can see what kind of changes were made:

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