The General Settings tab is where you can set up different general settings for your website. These settings affect the overall appearance and functionality of your site.

Here's an overview of the options available in the General tab:

  • Main color - Set the core website color.

  • Secondary color - Set the secondary color for the site.

  • Base colors - These colors will be applied to Course Player pages, Authorization pages and popups.

  • Accent - Choose the color that will be applied to the buttons, quiz info and chosen options, progress bar, notice background, links and Trial course badge in the Course Player.

  • Danger - Choose the color that will be applied to the fields when they are required and not filled, the wrong options chosen in quizzes and the notification for the failed quizzes and assignments.

  • Success - Choose the color that will be applied to the wrong options chosen in quizzes and the notification for the passed quizzes and assignments.

  • Currency symbol - Specify the symbol sign for the currency used on the site.

  • Currency position - Set the currency position against the price.

  • Thousands separator - Choose what symbol you want to use to separate integer and fractional numbers with the “Thousands Separator”.

  • Decimals separator - Enter the symbol that you want to use as a decimal separator.

  • Number of fractional numbers allowed - Define the number of fractional numbers allowed after the decimal symbol, e.g. 2 for 7.49.

  • Enable WooCommerce checkout - Enable the checkout option using WooCommerce. Please note you need to install the WooCommerce plugin and set Cart and Checkout Pages.

If you switch on “Enable WooCommerce Checkout”, the function “Payment Methods” of the theme will be disabled. Therefore, you should set up the payment method, cart page, and checkout page.

  • Enable Guest Checkout - When this option is enabled users can place orders without logged-in accounts, and it is required to create an account on the checkout page.

  • Instructor earnings (%) - Put the percentage instructors will get from sales of the courses.

  • Number of featured courses - Set how many courses will be shown as a featured product.

  • Restrict instructors from accessing the admin panel - Enable this to restrict access for instructors to the admin panel. They will be redirected to their account pages.

  • Loading animation - Adds loading animation for LMS pages and sections:

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