The Course tab provides you with options to customize the appearance and functionality of your courses and lessons, as well as manage certain instructor activities on your e-learning platform.

Here's an overview of the settings available under the Course tab:

Course Page Styles

As the course page is a key element that attracts students to enroll in your course, MasterStudy offers several beautiful styles for the course page to enhance its visual appeal.


The Default course style presents a balanced and user-friendly layout, designed to streamline navigation and deliver course content with clarity and accessibility

Show Emoji in Quiz and Assignments results

There is an availability to enable displaying emojis once students fail or pass the quiz and assignments.

  • Quiz/Assignment Passed Emoji - select an emoji from the list and it will be displayed once students pass the assignment or quiz.

  • Quiz/Assignment Failed Emoji - select an emoji from the list and it will be displayed once students fail the assignment or quiz.

Course Tabs and Course Levels

  • Course tabs - enable the tabs that need to be displayed on the course page

  • Course levels - set the level of the course. Be more precise, and instead of common Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, indicate the exact level of your course. Just enter Level ID and Label, and add as many levels as you need.

Instructor and Student permissions, Preferred Video Source

  • Allow instructors to create new categories - instructors can add new categories for courses (e.g. Art, Computer Science, 3D design).

  • Allow Presto Player Source for Instructors -instructors will be able to select videos from Presto Payer Media Hub.

  • Auto-enrollment for Free Courses - students will automatically enroll in free courses when they preview them.

  • Allow Adding Basic Info Section - enables to add basic info section on the course page. Can be used to provide very basic info about the course.

  • Allow Adding Course Requirements Section - enables to add course requirements section on the course page. Can be used to share course requirements with students before enrolling in the course.

  • Allow adding Intended Audience Section - enables to add Intended Audience section on the course page. Can be used to describe who the course is designed for, any prerequisites or background knowledge required, and other relevant details to help potential students determine if the course aligns with their needs and goals.

  • Preferred Video Source - select the video sources that will be used in the courses.

We recommend you use CDN to improve the site speed and performance if you are planning to upload large video files.

Bottom Sticky Panel

The bottom sticky panel is a panel that contains a bunch of course settings and will be stuck to the bottom of the course page. It's very useful to get data easily while scrolling through the long course descriptions.

  • Enable Bottom Sticky Panel - allow the display of the sticky bottom panel and select what to display there.

When enabled, on the course preview page you can see the bottom panel with the relevant info about the course such as - title, price, teacher, and category. You decide what to display on the panel by enabling available options.

  • Enable related courses - allow to show related courses on the page and select the display option: by category, author, or level.

  • Disable default image for course completion notification - you can disable the display of the default image that is used for notifications about course completion and upload your own file for both notifications about failed courses and passed courses.

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