Question Media

Question Media addon enhances quizzes by adding media such as images, audio, and videos to the quiz questions. This not only makes the quizzes more engaging and accessible but also caters to different learning styles. For example, images help in visualizing complex concepts, audio aids in listening comprehension, and videos provide in-depth explanations or demonstrations.

Adding media to quiz questions

  1. Navigate to the Course Builder by clicking on Edit with Course Builder of the desired course from your course list on your WP dashboard.

  1. Add a Lesson with a Quiz to your course. To do this, find and click the "Add Lesson" button,

  1. Then select the quiz option.

  1. Name Your Quiz by typing in a title for your quiz and click on "Create".

  1. Add Quiz Questions by clicking on the "+ Question" button within your newly created quiz.

  1. Choose the Quiz Type from the options provided (e.g., multiple choice, true/false, etc.).

  1. Insert Media into a Quiz Question by locating the image and video icon next to the quiz question field.

  1. Click on this icon to upload or link your desired image, video, or audio file to the quiz question.

You can upload images and audio from your computer. For videos, you can insert them from different sources.

To insert videos into your quiz question, select from the following source types:

  • HTML (MP4): Upload an MP4 file directly from your computer and add a poster image to represent the video before it's played.

  • YouTube: Insert videos hosted on YouTube by pasting the video URL.

  • Vimeo: Use the Vimeo option to add videos hosted on Vimeo by providing the video link.

  • External Link: Paste any direct video link from the web.

  • Embed: Use the provided embed code from a video hosting service to insert the video.

  • Shortcode: Use a shortcode to embed the video.

This is how the quiz will look with media added for your students:

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