MS LMS > Lessons menu on the WordPress dashboard includes your Lessons list. The lessons' content can be edited with Course Builder, and using one of the WPBakery or Elementor page builders depending on which one of them is installed.

MasterSttudy LMS offers four types of learning content

  • Text lesson - a learning module that primarily presents information to learners through written text. Text lessons are often used to introduce new concepts or ideas, provide background information, or summarize key points.

  • Video lesson - is an instructional module that consists primarily of a video as the main teaching tool. It is a type of e-learning content that can be used to deliver lectures, presentations, tutorials, or demonstrations.

pageHow to add video to the lesson
  • Stream lesson - allows instructors to embed a live YouTube video directly into their online course content. This can be useful for delivering lectures, hosting virtual discussions, and providing multimedia resources to students.

pageLive Streaming
  • Zoom lesson - a lesson that is delivered using Zoom, a popular video conferencing platform that enables real-time audio and video communication, as well as screen sharing and other collaborative features.

pageZoom Video Conferencing

That is how students will see each lesson type:

The lessons will look like the following picture on the Curriculum tab on the Course Page. If you set the lesson duration, the duration will be shown. But if not, the type of this lesson will be displayed.

After adding a title for the lesson, the following fields should be filled out:

  • Lesson Type: Text, Video, Zoom Confirence;

  • Lesson Duration: Any information about the duration of the lesson;

  • Lesson Preview: Makes the Lesson open/private for visitors;

  • Lesson Frontend Description: Description of the Lesson that will be visible in the Course Curriculum;

  • Lesson Materials: Files that can be used during the lesson.

When the eRoom plugin is installed and the Zoom Conference addon is enabled in MS LMS, the Zoom Confirence lesson type will be available with additional settings.

When the Video lesson type is selected, additional fields appear and how to upload a video is detailed in the next section

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