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The coursesMasterStudy LMS Plugin includes ready widgets for popular page builders Elementor, WPBakery, and Divi. Using widgets instead of shortcodes allows you visually check the changes while building a website.

To make the MasterStudy LMS widgets available for Divi Theme, the MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules plugin should be installed and activated.

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Courses 4 in 1 (Elementor)

The Courses 4-in-1 Widget is exclusively available for elementor and combines four widgets Courses Grid, Course Carousel, Featured Teacher blocks, and Courses Archive page.

Earlier the following LMS widgets were available separately:

  • Course Carousel: The Course Carousel widget engages with a stunning carousel of the best courses available.

  • Courses Grid: This widget allows you or your instructors to showcase the full course catalog in an easy-to-navigate grid layout.

  • Featured Teacher: This widget allows you to highlight a teacher and their courses.

  • Courses archive: This is a page that displays all the courses available on your website.

The Courses 4 in 1 combines the widgets listed above into one widget and offers the following styles for course cards.

  • Style 1 - Classic

  • Style 2 - Price Accent

  • Style 3 - Price Button

  • Style 4 - Full-Size Image

  • Style 5 - Centered

  • Style 6 - Info Accent

The presets are fully customizable, by editing the styles it is possible to create unique card layouts.

The Carousel type of Courses widget displays courses from selected categories on the website in carousel view.

Courses Grid

The Grid type of Courses widget displays a number of courses from selected categories on the website in grid view.

The "Featured Teacher" type of Courses widget showcases an instructor with courses available.

To display instructors with their courses, instructors' registration should be enabled in LMS settings.

Courses archive

The Archive type of Courses widget displays all available courses on the site. Search results, load more buttons of the Course Grid, and course carousel widgets will be redirected to this page.

The 'Archive' type should be used only once on the website and the page should be set as an archive page in MS LMS > LMS settings > Courses section.


In the Courses Widget settings, you have the option to modify the filter's position or disable it entirely.

Instructors Carousel widget is available for only Elementor Page builder and displays the users with Instructor user roles on the Website with their social links, number of courses, reviews, and overall ratings in Slider view. The widget has the following presets and they can be easily customized:

  • Style 1 - Profile Picture Rounded

  • Style 2 - Profile Picture Rounded Dark

  • Style 3 - Bordered Card

  • Style 4 - Squared Profile Picture

  • Style 5 - Bordered Squared

  • Style 6 - Profile Picture Above Container

In carousel settings, AutoPay and Loop can be enabled:

Authorization Form (Elementor)

You can add a customizable Sign Up or Login form to your site with the Authorization Form widget for Elementor.

Here you can choose the type of form to add:

  • General Form: For all users.

  • For Instructors Only: Tailored to instructors.

And also set the starting form to be Sign up or Login.

Testimonials (Elementor)

The Testimonials widget is used to display customer testimonial information. It is useful to show prospective customers what other people are saying about your teaching platform.

The Site Authorization Links widget is used to add a login/register button to the custom header that is created with Elementor Header & Footer builder plugin:

This widget performs two tasks for Logged in and Guest users differently:

The featured Teacher widget highlights one of the users with Instructor user roles on the website with the courses.

Instructors Carousel widget displays the users with Instructor user roles on the Website with their social links in slider view.

The widget has two style presets:

  • Profile Picture Rounded

  • Profile Picture Square

View all button lead to the Instructors archive page that was set in the LMS settings.

The instructors can be sorted by their ratings or registration date.

The single Course Carousel widget displays the available courses in the slider. Each slide of the carousel includes single course information including price, category, level, and curse duration.

The courses on the carousel can be sorted by:

  • Course Popularity

  • Free Courses

  • Courses Rating

The courses Search box widget can be used to search Courses within a website by keywords. The Search results will be displayed on the Courses archive page.

The widget has two style presets and includes search suggestions:

  • Search box wide

  • Search box with a button

Courses Carousel widget displays courses on the website in carousel view.

The widget has two style presets and courses can be sorted by Course Popularity, Free Courses, and Courses Rating:

  • Carousel with Course categories

  • Carousel without Course categories

The View all button opens all courses in the Courses archive page.

Courses Categories

Courses Categories widget is used to display the categories and sort courses by them. The widget has six styles presets:

  • Style 1 - Category cards with the label below

  • Style 2 - Category cards with label inside

  • Style 3 - Category buttons

  • Style 4 - Category colorful cards

  • Style 5 - Category cards with images

  • Style 6 - Category colorful cards wide

Courses Grid

The Courses Grid widget is used to display the available courses in Grid View. In widget settings, the Sort filter and Load more buttons can be disabled:

Recent Courses

The Recent Courses widget displays the latest created courses with their categories. The widget has the following style presets:

  • Style 1 - Recent courses with Show More button

  • Style 2 - Recent courses without Show More button

  • Style 3 - Course Categories with transparent buttons

Certificate Checker (Pro version)

The Certificate Checker widget is used to validate certificates with Student's code which can be copied in the User account > Certificates section:

If the certificate is valid the following message appears:

Course Bundles (Pro version)

Course Bundles widget displays bundled courses of the Instructors:

Google Classrooms (Pro version)

The Google Classrooms widget displays courses that were imported from Google using Google Classroom API.

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