Email Manager

Email template manager — LMS addon that will help you adjust your email messages and make them look good and clear.

To enable the addon, go to MS LMS > Addons. Find their Email manager addon and Enable it.

After enabling the addon, you can see the Email Manager settings menu on the dashboard under the MS LMS section:

Modifying outgoing emails in MasterStudy consists of two parts:

  • Email Branding - update the visual elements such as header & footer images, logo, and footer text.

  • Email Templates - modifying the texts (main content) of the email templates.

Email Branding

Default Email Template

All outgoing Emails of the MasterStudy LMS will be sent using the default Email template:

By uploading a custom logo, and background images for the header & footer you can customize the template to match the general styles of the installed theme and your brand:

  • Header & Footer - enables or disables the header and footer part of the email.

  • Logo - appears at the top center of the Email header and the recommended size is 200x35 pixels, max height: 40px. File Support: jpg, .jpeg, or .png.

  • Header Background - Background image for the header part of the email. The .jpg, .jpeg, or .png files are supported, and the recommended size is 700x95 pixels and max-height: 100px.

  • Footer Background - Background image for the footer part of the email. The .jpg, .jpeg, or .png files are supported and the recommended size is 700x155 pixels, and the max height: 160px.

  • Entire Background Color - Background overlay color.

When Header & Footer is disabled Emails will be sent without Branding:


In the Copyrights section, you can edit the content that displays the footer part of the email:

Disable Email Branding

By disabling Email Branding, custom HTML templates can be used for each Email Template.

If Email Branding is disabled, you have to provide a custom HTML template for each email in the Email Template. Check this out to learn how to provide a Custom HTML email template.

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