In the "Profiles" section, you can configure various settings related to user profiles and registration on your website or platform.

In the General settings of the Profiles section, you can set up the following options:

  • Enable course pre-moderation;

  • Add students to own course;

  • Instructors archive page;

  • Cancel Subscription page;

  • Side Profile Menu

Let’s take a closer look at each option available.

Enable course pre-moderation

The course will have Pending status until you (admin) approve(s) it.

Add students to own course

If this option is enabled, the instructor will have a tool in an account to add students by email to the course. Instructors will be able to add students to their courses right from the profile page. They need to use Add Student option from the menu:

All they need to do is specify the course they want to add a student to and enter the email of this student. After the information is entered, just click Add Students.


Instructors archive page

This page will display all the site’s instructors (so they will be shown on one specific page)

Cancel subscription page

If you want to display a link to the Cancel Subscription page, choose a page and add to page content short-code [pmpro_cancel].

Side Profile Menu

When you switch on this toggle, you can operate with the following options:

  • make the Profile menu visible or invisible for the guest users (this allows to display a log-in form inside the side profile menu.);

  • move it to the left or the right side of your window;

  • choose the background color;

  • select the text color.

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