General Settings

First of all, it should be determined which percentage of commission will be taken by the instructor. You can do it in MS LMS -> LMS Settings -> General.

PayPal Fee will be withdrawn from the admin's account.

PayPal Settings


It is required to Enable the PayPal Payment method from the LMS Settings and make it Default.

To do this, go to MS LMS -> LMS Settings.

Click on the Payout section and in opened tab click on the Enable payment method button.

Then click on Make Default.

Time Zone Setting

The PayPal account time zone should be the same as the website time zone.

You can change the time zone in Settings -> General.

SSL Certificate

NOTE: The website should be with an SSL certificate. The site link should look like https://sitename.domain.

Enabling Payment Methods

Build-in payment methods should be enabled since Payouts only works with LMS orders. To do this, you should go to LMS Settings -> Payment Methods.

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