In the Authorization settings of the Profiles section, you can set up the following options:

  • Enable Email Confirmation;

  • Shortcode For Authorization Form;

  • Instructor Registration;

  • Instructor Pre-moderation;

  • Show Instructor Registration Form On Separate Page

  • Instructor Registration Page;

  • Show a Link to a Separate Page in the Form

  • Shortcode For The Instructor Registration Form

Let’s take a closer look at each option available in the Profiles section.

Enable Email Confirmation

All new registrations will get an e-mail with account verification. When users proceed with the registration on your website, they will get a confirmation email to complete the registration process and verify the email. Once registered users will be notified that instructions were sent to their emails:

Example of the activation email

Shortcode For Authorization Form

From this field, you can copy the shortcode for the authorization page. Add type="login" or type="register" to the shortcode to select the starting form, and then paste it into any page of your choice.

Example shortcodes:

  • For login: [masterstudy_authorization_form type="login"]

  • For registration: [masterstudy_authorization_form type="register"]

Instructor Registration

When this option is turned on – the checkbox “Register as an instructor” is shown in the registration form:

Instructor Pre-Moderation

When this option is enabled the user role “instructor” is set automatically, otherwise, you need to do it manually by changing the user

Show Instructor Registration Form On Separate Page

Enabling "Show Instructor Registration Form On Separate Page" directs new instructors to a dedicated sign-up page.

Instructor Registration Page

Administrators can select a specific page for redirecting instructors after they sign up with the Instructor Registration Page option.

Choose Show in this option to add a direct link to the Instructor Registration Page on the authorization form.

This is how it will look for your users:

Shortcode For The Instructor Registration Form

To add an instructor registration form to any part of your page, simply copy and paste the shortcode below:


This shortcode will automatically input the instructor registration form wherever you place it on your site.

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