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This section of the documentation is valid for customers who bought the MasterStudy LMS Pro plugin from AppSumo. If you bought the MasterStudy LMS Pro from our official website through Freemius you can skip this section and go to the next one.

pageUpdate The Plugin

Redeem the new AppSumo code

After purchasing MasterStudy LMS Pro on AppSumo, you will receive a unique code and URL to create an account in Stylemix Support Portal.

Then go to the following link to create an account:

*Here xxxxx is the unique coupon code that you received.

On opened page fill out the required fields to create a new account:

After filling out the form agree to the terms of the Service and Privacy Policy and hit the Register button:

After creating an account you will be redirected to the Support account.

If you are our existing customer and have purchased our other themes and plugins, it is required open the AppSumo downloads section in the support account and redeem a new code.

Upgrading Pricing Plan

After signing up, you will see a notification about the successful activation of the AppSumo coupon code:

MasterStudy LMS section displays information about your pricing plan including the assigned date, used AppSumo Redeemsion codes, and the number of sites that can be activated.

After redeeming the new code, the Plan will be upgraded and limits will be updated:

Downloading and installing MasterStudy LMS plugins.

Now time to download the MasterStudy LMS plugin files. To do this, download the Free and Pro version of the plugins:

The Pro version requires a Free plugin to be installed and activated on the website.

If you are the owner of the AppSumo 2 or 3 Code Tier, you can download the MasterStudy LMS Mobile App as well:

MasterStudy LMS Mobile App can be built following this manual.

After downloading the MasterStudy LMS plugins (in a zip file), you need to install them on your WordPress:

MasterStudy LMS Pro plugin activation.

On the support account, the MasterStudy LMS License should be copied out to activate the MasterStudy LMS Pro plugin and receive regular updates:

The license should be used after activating MasterStudy LMS Pro on the WordPress dashboard:

Management of Active domains.

All domains where the MasterStudy LMS Pro plugin is activated will be listed in Manage your domains section:

There the active sites can be removed to use the license in other domains.

How to update the Pro plugin

The free version of the MasterStudy LMS plugin can be updated from the WordPress dashboard when updates are available:

The Pro version of the MasterStudy LMS plugin can be updated manually in WordPress dashboard or through FTP by downloading the Latest version of the Plugin from your account:

Updating the Pro plugin in WordPress Dashboard

To update the Pro Plugin in WordPress Dashboard go to the Dashboard > Plugins > Add new section and upload the downloaded the latest version of the Pro plugin:

After clicking the Install Now button, WordPress warns that the plugin is already installed:

By clicking on Replace current with upload button the plugin can be updated.

Updating the Pro plugin through FTP (Expert)

Unzip the downloaded .zip file which will give a masterstudy-lms-learning-management-system-pro folder. Make sure your unzipping software does not create an extra directory with the same name nested into each other.

Retrieve your FTP login information from your hosting admin panel. Login to your FTP account via an FTP software (FileZilla or similar) to access your website folders.

Once you access the FTP account, navigate to the WordPress Plugins directory YOUR_HOSTING_ROOT/YOUR_SUBDIRECTORY/wp-content/plugins and remove the masterstudy-lms-learning-management-system-pro folder.

Upload by drag and dropping the previously unzipped masterstudy-lms-learning-management-system-pro folder into YOUR_HOSTING_ROOT/YOUR_SUBDIRECTORY/wp-content/plugins directory.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated the plugin!

Is it safe to remove the plugin folder?

Removing the plugin folder doesn't delete your current content and settings as they are located in the database. If you made custom changes in core files, then the update will override your modifications.

Support ticket creation

After, filling out the form and describing the issue the support ticket can be created. Providing screenshots in the ticket to speed up the help process:

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