Getting Started


Divi Builder is a popular page builder that allows you to edit web pages in both WordPress Dashboard and the front-end of your website.

Divi Builder is available by subscription on the author's official website.

Integration with Divi Builder allows you to use our MasterStudy LMS plugin with any theme that supports this page builder.

Refer to Divi Builder documentation for more detailed information about page builder.


In order to use Divi Builder with MasterStudy LMS plugin, you need to download and install our MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules free plugin.


It is required to install MasterStudy LMS plugin for MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules to work correctly.

The installation process of the MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules is just like any other WordPress plugin.

You can download MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules plugin from the default repository of WordPress.

Go to the Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Choose the downloaded .zip file from your local folder and install it.

After the installation is complete, you need to activate the plugin.

Divi Options

If you want to use Divi to change the content of Courses and Lessons, make sure all the appropriate integrations in Divi Builder Options are enabled and changes are saved:

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